Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We are not alone here!

Theories & gossips, evidences & rumours, sci-fi flicks or video clips.... we have had it all when it comes to life in any other form which may exist on any planet other than Earth.

People have constantly reported incidents of witnessing UFOs or alien creatures. Every now and then scientists pop up in the news about having contacted them or seen them. These creatures have been referred as higher intelligence or higher energy beings from other planets or maybe even other dimensions. Both scientists and spiritual masters give separate definitions which seem to converge at the basic level of understanding where everything is explained as ENERGY.

These creatures are constantly visiting us. The concept of different dimensions says that there are multiple planes of energy or multiple planes of frequency. We live in the THIRD dimension. This means that there are some frequencies which exist below our range and many others which are at higher levels. All these dimensions have living beings in them. Also all these dimensions exist together in the same space yet the different worlds are separated from each other. When you look around, you just see your dimension and the things that belong to it. But you don’t see other dimensions and its beings because we are not capable enough to perceive those frequencies. Still they exist there all the time!

To make it more believable I wish to present some hardcore evidence. Just recall any photograph you have taken in dark/dim light. Generally during night if you click a picture some small transparent balls of light appear in the photo. These balls of light are predominantly white in colour but can take other colours also like red, violet, blue, yellow or any other. These are called ORBS which are considered to be spirits or life forms that travel and reside in groups. We quite easily ignore it as dust particles deposited on the camera lens or water vapour/mist. But it is not so... Take a look at the links and pictures below.

Orbs are higher frequency beings which are easily captured by camera lens (our mobile and camera lens are capable to capture infra red frequency which cannot be perceived by naked eye). To experiment on your own, just take your TV remote and your mobile phone (it should have a camera). Press any key on remote and take a picture of LED on top of it through your mobile. You can very easily see a light beam emitted from the LED which is not seen by naked eye because TV remote works at infra red range. I tried the same thing and the picture below will show you the results (see the white light).

So what are these orbs exactly??

These are higher energy, life forms which exist all around us. These are paranormal spirits which have different nature or consciousness. They generally remain in groups and are captured by camera lenses in photos. These can travel frequently and reside near the places they like. Generally at happy occasions/celebrations protective and positive orbs reside and often bless us. In haunted places/cemeteries negative orbs reside. These are the most commonly accepted theories about orbs but due to lack of strong scientific proof, some people discard them. 

The blog contains some pictures taken during Diwali and a family trip to Chowki Dhani, a resort near Jaipur. These very clearly show the orbs because all of them were taken during night.

Pic : 1

Pic : 2
See the glowing blue orb in the right!

Pic : 3

Pic : 4
See the glowing blue orb again!!

Pic : 5
A whole group of orange and light yellow orbs!!

Pic : 6
See the blue glowing orb (over the black pot) same as in Pic2 and Pic4

Pic : 7
When i clicked another photo immediately after pic 6, the blue one was gone !!! (orbs can travel and i think this blue one was following us... creepy!!! :P)

Pic : 8

Orbs are of different nature and are said to have feelings!! This decides their colour. White orbs are positive energy orbs, protective in nature. Red orbs are stress related and restless orbs. Orange orbs have healing energy! Here are few links which will tell you more about orbs and their colours::

That is why ghosts, spirits and extra terrestrial beings are said to exist. These are just other dimension beings capable of doing much more than us. They may foresee the immediate future, or travel dimensions! These may be much more advanced than us in terms of technology or may be full of positive energy and love! At the same time they may also possess destructive capabilities.

This was just an attempt to bring out my observations. 


Monday, 24 October 2011

I have taken few baby steps in blogging by sharing some information and views which I have developed freshly because of some experiences. I used to seek some answers. Little did i know that out of this curiosity, was to come the greatest gift. The answers we seek elsewhere are all within. That is our minds’ self help mechanism which initiates itself at an appropriate time but often it is unheeded because of our ignorance. It added to my amusement when these answers started popping up for themselves at the right time when I needed them.

We look at all the negative circumstances, experiences, people and feelings in our life and wonder why they show up again and again. Quantum physics points to some discoveries which say that the human mind is the last frontier and not the space, as most of us believe. It also says that we cannot have a universe without the mind entering into it, which means that the human mind is the very thing which shapes the universe! Yes we do it with our minds every moment and don’t even realize.

It is our thoughts and feelings going on in the mind which shapes the future. Whatever we think about we bring about. A movie “The Secret” quotes all this in very plain words, yet to comprehend it is not as easy as it seems. It is like the prophecies of the mayans and civilizations of peru. To understand them the prophecy has to happen to you.

So basically this states that whatever we think about, the images which we create, our visualizations of the future even if it is procrastination are all going to be true based on strength of our intention behind that thought. It is like we are attracting them through our mind and hence create a circumstance which is exactly as we imagined. Hence we are creating the future even as I write and as you read! Where attention goes energy flows.

It is the Power of Intention of the human mind which is the driving force. Why do you think only few people get hold of the power to control millions of lives, earn a lot of money, have lavish lifestyles which we think we can only dream of. Or why is it that there was only one Picasso, one Da Vinci, one Einstein, one Gandhi, one JFK et al. It was all because they intended it to be so. It was the power of their intentions which were so strong that they created their future (for us of course it is history!)

We have the power of creation which very clearly implies that creator has been kind enough to us and has imparted his skills to all of us. We are like HIM but just small and humble reflections, not as intense as He is. That is why we are magnificence in human form. We are eternal energies connected with everyone where the whole humanity is connected to the supreme source, the ultimate creator. We all are peaceful fountains of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When frequencies match we are in harmony with its source. This explains your attraction to a particular colour, food, music(the vibration very easy to comprehend), person, pets, friends, spouse etc. Contrary when frequencies do not match we are agitated in its presence. The peace of the fountain is disrupted; hence we wish to get away as soon as possible, which explains all kinds of conflict.

So explore the boundless potential of your mind. It surpasses all dimensions. It crosses the limitations of the science we know today. It can be a powerhouse of energy. This power will sustain your very existence and make it phenomenal, if you let it.